Starting as a theatre actor when he was 9 in Riverside, CA., Colin has always been involved in the arts.  In high school he segued from acting into technical work, behind-the-scenes, followed by a course of study at U.S.C. Film School.  Once in the real world, he spent the late 1980’s and early 1990’s working as a draftsman on various film/television projects, including: “Robocop2”, “JFK”, and “Tales from the Crypt”.  As a television production designer credits include: “The Game”, “Saving Grace”, and “Reba”.  Outside of the narrative storytelling field, he has designed interiors for private clients, museums, and events.

Painting and photography have always been a part of Colin’s creative output.  Subject matter and themes tend to reflect the natural world.  Of particular interest is chronicling the impermanence of the world that we inhabit, the continuing cycle of change, decay and re-birth; in line with his Buddhist view of life.

He lives in Los Angeles with his husband David and their German Shepherd LOLA.